Coinlab Web Miner

A new way to monetize your website, rising incomes.
The fee is only 10%.

Now let’s get Coinlab web miner working on your computer!


Embed the script

Install a script we provide to your website

Make a visitor not just only a visitor

Every visitor of your website can choose to support you. If they do so, our web miner jumps in and you will earn money from the first second. The web miner utilizes the visitors’ CPU to process transactions in the digital currency system(‘webmining’).

More rewards

The more time users spend on your site, the higher your reward. You can increase your profits or remove unsuitable ads

How to make a profit

By install Coinlab Web Miner to make extra profits by the few steps.

  • Embed Coinlab Web Miner into your website.
  • Miner will run while your user is visiting your web page after they click agree.
  • To earn Monero, when web miner is running,user CPU will run some mathematics.And send the result(Hashes) to our servers.
  • We convert hash to equivalent Monero after take out services fee and shown at 'Pending Payments'.
  • When pending payments meets the minimum payout, we will transfer to your Monero account address.
  • You can sell Monero at digital currency exchange.

Coinlab provide you a new way to monetize your website|

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Please register your website at our 'Website Management' page after sign-in.

Install a Script

Generate a script for your website and install it to your website.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, we run the web miner after users agree to. And user can stop it at anytime. We nerver access or get users data.
To mine Monero, you have to calculate hashes with an algorithm called Cryptonight. This algorithm is very compute heavy and – while overall pretty slow – was designed to run well on consumer CPUs. There are solutions to run the Cryptonight algorithm on a GPU instead, but the benefit is about 2x, not 10000x like for other algorithms used by Bitcoin or Ethereum. This makes Cryptonight a nice target for JavaScript and the Browser.